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Reinforced Graphite Gasket With Metal Foil

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It is made from graphite as homogeneous, reinforced by metal foil. Laminated from compressed layers of purified natural graphite flake, and mechanically bonded with the stainless steel tangs, ensures the material retains dimensional stability in high temperature. In addition the material seals easily under moderate bolt loads offering torque retention through service and sealing tightly even during pressure fluctuations. Reinforced graphite gasket offers excellent sealing capabilities such as thermal stability, self-lubrication, corrosion  resistance, without being brittle and aging etc., under extreme conditions with a longer life and less maintenance. It offers a high level of resistance to aggressive chemicals and its ability to withstand high pressure and extreme temperature ,up to650℃ in steam, makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Main Reinforced graphite gasket style

reinforced graphite gasket without outer and innner eyelet

reinforced graphite gasket with innner eyelet

reinforced graphite gasket with outer eyelet

reinforced graphite gasket with outer and innner eyelet


All kinds of circular, complicated geometric gasket are widely used in pipe, valve, pump, pressure vessel, thermal exchanger, condenser, engine, air compressor, exhaust tube, refrigerating machine, etc.

Technique specification:

Working temperature: -200℃-650℃

Working pressure: 6.4-10.0Mpa

Min. Pre-tightening specific pressure: y=30Mpa

Gasket coefficient:  m=2

Max.machinable size: ~2100mm

Service range:



1.High and low temperature resistance. The physical properties of flexible graphite have little changes in the non oxidizing ( from - 270 ℃ to 3650℃),it can be used in the air up to 450 ℃.

2.Excellent corrosion resistance.Flexible graphite can be resist almost all of inorganic and organic medium except Water, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and high temperature dichromate, potassium permanganate, ferric chloride and other strong oxidizing medium.

3.Good self-lubrication.Flexible graphite, like natural graphite, the interlayer has good wearing resistance, low friction coefficient.

4.When the shaft or shaft sleeve appear radial circular runout problems , it can be sealed well with sufficient floating performance even if the graphite cracks.

5.It is a kind of economical and practical products to achieve good sealing effect with ordinary flange surface requirements and small pre-tightening force.

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