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Rubber O Ring Kits

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An O-ring is a type of static or dynamic sealing ring installed in grooves. Unlike many other seals that require special instruments for installation, it is easy to assemble into a function.
O-rings are the most versatile seals; they can provide axial or radial sealing solutions in nearly all applications to seal oil, water, air, gas and other fluids. They are widely utilized in various applications, anywhere from sophisticated home heating systems to automobile air-conditioning.
With internal polymer mixing lines, SPS provides a wide range of rubber materials for O-rings that accommodate various operating conditions. These high-performance rubbers can endure the exposure to a variety of chemicals, extremely high and low temperatures and more.

Product name

O - ring Kit


ISO 3601-1 / AS568 / JIS B2401 / GB/T3452.1 / GB1235-76 / Customized


NBR / FKM / VMQ / HNBR / EPDM / Customized


Black / Green / Brown / Red-Brown / Customized




According to the material
(Maximum and minimum operating temperatures depend on the specific application criteria )

Payment Terms

L/C or T/T

Trade Terms


Packing Details

plastic box inside

carton box outside

According to clients’ requirement

Delivery Details

2-30 days after receiving the 30% deposit

Min. Order

10 Boxes

Suitability for specific media:

Good chemical resistance to mineral oils and greases, hydraulic oils H, HL, HLP, non-inflammable hydraulic pressure fluids HFA, HFB, HFC to approx. +50°C and water to max. +80°C.
Good chemical resistance to mineral oils and greases, synthetic oils and greases, engine, transmission and ATF oils to approx. +150°C, fuels, non-flammable hydraulic pressure fluids HFD, aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, water to max. +80°C, excellent resistance to weathering, ozone and ageing, very low gas permeability (and therefore excellent for vacuum application) and resistance to a wide range of chemicals.
Good resistance to water (up to 100 °C), aliphatic engine and transmission oils, animal and plant oils and fats. VMQ is generally not resistant to fuels, aromatic mineral oils, steam (short term up to 120 °C possible), silicone oils and greases, acids and alkaline compounds.
HNBR is obtained by fully or partially hydrogenating NBR. It leads to considerable improvement in resistance to heat, ozone and ageing, and gives it very good mechanical properties, e.g. good resistance to wear. The media resistance compares to that of NBR. HNBR has a good resistance to some refrigerants. The temperature application range is from -30°C to +150°C.
Good resistance to hot water and steam, detergents, caustic potash solutions, silicone oil and greases, many polar solvents, and many diluted acids and chemicals, along with a high level of ozone resistance. EPDM materials are totally unsuitable for use with all mineral oil products (lubricants, fuels).


Avoid damaging the O-ring during installation, as this will cause leakage. Observe the following:
- The O-ring must not be expanded to its elongation limit.
- Edges must be burr-free, radii and angles applied smoothly.
- Dust, dirt, metal chips and other particles must be removed.
- Tips of screws and installation housings for other sealing and guiding elements should be covered by an assembly sleeve.
- A suitable grease to be applied to the assembly surfaces and O-rings.
- Elastomer materials are made smoother if they are heated in oil or hot water to approx. 80 °C. This makes it easier to stretch the O-ring for assembly.
- Any assembly tools used, such as expansion mandrels or sleeves, should be made of a soft material (e.g. POM) and not have any sharp edges.
- The O-ring should not be rolled over assembly surfaces. Ensure the O-ring is not twisted as it slots into the groove.

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