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Glyd Ring For Hole

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The double acting GSF Glyd-Ring is a combination of a slipper seal and an energizing O-Ring. It is produced with an interference fit which together with the squeeze of the O-Ring ensures a good sealing effect even at low pressure. At higher system pressures, the O-Ring is energized by the fluid, pushing the Glyd-Ring against the sealing face with increased force.


To circle is usually made from synthetic rubber qualitative protection ring and superposition of filled ptfe qualitative square seals use, it can be divided into the hole and shaft used to use to circle, but its sealing function is the same, in accordance with its own initial deformation on the sealing surface of high contact stress, prevent leakage of pressure of the liquid. Hydraulic cylinder, pressure of liquid by elastic ring in the maximum extrusion rectangular sealing ring, make it close to the sealing surfaces, resulting in increased with the pressure of the liquid pressure of higher and higher additional contact stress, contact stress and the initial together to prevent leakage of liquid pressure.

Applicable Scope

GSF works perfectly as double acting Piston seals of hydraulic components such as injection molding machines, machine tools, presses, excavators, forklifts & handling machinery, agriculture equipment, valves for hydraulic & pneumatic circuits and so on.


Slipper seal: PTFE + BRONZE


Working Temperature

-54 °C ~ +200 °C, Depending on O ring Material

Working Pressure


Working Medium

Hydraulic Oil,Water,Emulsion


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