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Metal C Ring

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The metal C seal ring consists of the exposed metal cladding and the cylinder in the wrapping period.

Coil springs. The metal cladding can be a single layer of metal or two layers of metal.

And lining). Single layer or lining materials are mainly copper, aluminum, nickel, silver, low carbon steel.

Stainless steel, nickel base alloy and so on, the coat mainly has aluminum, silver, nickel, gold and other soft metals.

Choose according to different working conditions.


The plastic deformation produced by the cladding can fill the uneven and flanged defects of the flange.

Excellent compression resilience and good stress relaxation performance.

Chemical corrosion resistance and good radiation resistance.

The bolt fastening load is small.

It can achieve very low leakage rate (<10-9Pa*m /s, helium, Delta P=1bar).


Metal C-ring seal is mainly used in the traditional elastomer and other non-metallic sealing can not meet the sealing requirements and high sealing reliability occasions, known as nuclear energy, ultra-vacuum, cryogenic, automotive, aerospace, military and other important sealing parts.

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